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Valérie Terranova International is a consulting firm that provides strategic advice to companies operating on a global scale and in a multicultural environment. It builds on Valerie Terranova’s expertise and network, perfected during ten years as a special adviser to the President of the French Republic, Jacques Chirac.

Valérie Terranova International provides its clients with tailored services to assist them in achieving their international development goals. It specializes in problems and issues that necessitate a deep understanding of cultural differences as well as knowledge of the logic and processes underpinning political and institutional policies and decisions. Its main areas of expertise are France, Southern Europe and Africa.

What sets us apart

We provide our clients with an in-depth understanding of:

Intercultural Understanding


Business success or failure often depends on understanding how your client thinks. Moving and operating in different cultural environments and institutional settings can prove extremely challenging for executives and companies seeking to penetrate new markets. Examples abound where cultural gaps led to failure of otherwise well designed projects. Mistakes are often made during the initial phase and contacts. This is where Valérie Terranova International can help. Our rich experience with intercultural dialogue and large organizations makes Valérie Terranova International one of the best specialists in this field. We provide advice on how best to adjust your approaches and tactics as well as develop strategies to ensure that efforts yield effective and long-lived gains in term of local presence and market penetration.

Political and institutional decision-making


No two countries are alike. Companies need to grasp the specific political and institutional logics that shape the regulatory environment and inspire local business decisions. Valérie Terranova has a comprehensive experience in this field, which she has been providing to her customers since 2007. With Valérie Terranova International, clients can immediately and better adjust to local conditions, save time and avoid missteps.

Ability to engage locally and globally


The dynamics of power and economic relationships between developed, emerging and developing countries are evolving fast. New actors are emerging, with great ambitions and potentialities. Valérie Terranova International keeps monitoring constantly this changing landscape, with a view to detect   major trends and identify investment opportunities. We have a special, however not exclusive focus on Africa and Southern Europe (France, Spain, Italy, Portugal). We also maintain a constant presence in Asia, especially Japan. We act as advisers to many official and private development institutions in those areas.

years of experience

at the highest levels of decision-making

Our strengths



of political and institutional factors




international and multi sectorial, with a strong expertise on Japan and Francophone Africa




original and stimulating, with a strong focus on creativity



Ability to identify

key actors for a project and engage with them



Ability to decrypt

the decision-making process and develop influential strategies in accordance with the ethical rules



Ability to communicate

with people from diverse cultures

Nos clients


à forts enjeux de développement international

Banques d’affaire

et conseils en investissement


locales, gouvernementales, régionales ou internationales


économiques et politiques

What we do

Our approach: customized services and networking that enables responsiveness and flexibility in the definition of strategic issues (what to do) and in their implementation (to do).

Depending on the subjects, we gather specific skills: public affairs and institutional lobbying, influential network mapping, specialists on financial or security issues, social and environmental responsibility, impact investment…

Advice and strategic support

(political and security issues, regulatory issues, identifying elements of differentiation in a highly competitive environment, particularly through a CSR policy and/or sponsorship, public relations, positioning, messages…)

Assistance in negotiations

and mediation with national or local authorities, decision makers, influencers, opinion leaders who take part in a project…

Analysis and risk mitigation

performing ad hoc studies; Economic, strategic and political intelligence

Detection of investments and projects

Identification of local and international partners providing critical value to their success; seeking funds and/or investors

Project design

of events with strong influence and image potential as a support to local or international strategic positioning

Who we are

Valérie Terranova

Valérie Terranova

Fondatrice et Présidente

A graduate of the National Languages and Oriental Civilisations Institute in Japanese, Valérie Terranova has been working with Asia for over twenty-five years and with Africa since 2001. She started her career at the International Department of the City Hall of Paris and was then appointed Commissioner-General of the Year of France in Japan before joining the office of the Presidency of the Republic as special adviser to the President. She left the office in May 2007. Combining her international network, her expertise in the highest spheres of power and her combined knowledge of Asia and Africa, Valérie Terranova works daily between the two continents and Europe. She speaks French, English, Italian, Spanish, and if she’s not feeling too jetlagged, Japanese.

Pénélope Terranova

Pénélope Terranova

Recherche et documentation

Born and raised in Madrid, Spain, Penelope is a graduate in International Relations from the University of Essex (UK). Representative of a new generation of European citizens who are true citizens of the world, she works equally in English, Spanish, French or Portuguese. Her ambition is to contribute to global society working to develop ethical and sustainable projects.

Advisory board

Alain VIRY

CEO of AVC international

Alain Viry, CEO of AVC international. Former Chairman of the Supervisory Board, and CEO of CFAO, Alain Viry is considered as one of the architects of the company’s success in Africa, which operates in 32 countries. He reorganized the company and led it into new markets in Anglophone Africa and the Maghreb, where it achieved a fifth of its turnover in 2013. He also led the delicate transition between the Kering groups (ex PPR) and Toyota Tsusho as reference shareholders, when he took over the CFAO. Alain is a graduate of the Institut d’Etudes Politiques (law) and the Institut de Haute Finance (Finance) of Paris.

Jean-Pierre Landau

Inspecteur général des finances

Mr Landau is the dean of the Public Affairs School at the Institute of Political Sciences of Paris and an associate professor of the latter’s department of economics. He has served as Executive Director for France to the IMF and the Wolrd Bank and was a member of the independent Panel review of the Doing Business Report of the World Bank. An “inspecteur général des finances” (French ministry of economics and finance’s highest administrative position), he has been Undersecretary for International Economic Relations of the same ministry and a Deputy Governor of the Bank of France. An expert in monetary matters and international regulations, Mr Landau has taught as a visiting professor at Princeton and John Hopkins Universities and has advised the Bank of Korea on macroprudential policies.  He is the author of the “Landau report on innovative financing for the development”.

Olivier Lafourcade

Chairman of the board of capital risk fund, IPDEV

Olivier Lafourcade, is the Chairman of the IPDEV board and member of the IPAE Board, sitting at the investment committee of the two organizations which are linked to the I&P (Investors and Partners) venture capital fund. I&P specializes in capital and technical support to Small and Medium Enterprises in Africa. Before that, Olivier Lafourcade Work worked for over thirty years at the World Bank Group, in which he held various senior positions including Director of the European office, Director for several African countries, Director for Mexico, Colombia and Venezuela while living in Mexico City. Over the course of his career at the Bank, Mr. Lafourcade has gained a substantial and unique wealth of experience in many countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. He graduated from the Ecole Nationale Superieure Agronomique of Rennes and the University of Maryland (USA), and thereby is a specialist in agricultural issues.

Fadi Nahas

CEO of NA Plus SA

Fadi has started his entrepreneur’s life during the war in Lebanon. Doing business under bombings taught him not to fear obstacles, helping him to penetrate emerging markets in the Caucasus, Central Asia and the Middle East. As the leader of the cold chain in the region, he was one of the pioneers in the introduction of Latin American products in the markets of the emerging countries of the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. Holder of the Award of Excellence for Leadership of the Inter-American Economic Council of 2005; he founded “Act for Lebanon”, an organization that supports educational, social, cultural and sporting events inside and outside Lebanon; he is the co-founder and Secretary General of the “Pan Arab Cultural Icons / WAYYAK”, an initiative in association with the World Economic Forum.

What they say about Valérie Terranova International

In my various positions at Electricité de France, Valérie Terranova provided me with valuable assistance on international issues of high strategic importance. Both pragmatic and capable to consider the long-term challenges, Valerie Terranova addresses the topics submitted to her with rigor but also creativity, which consitutes a great deal of added value.


Director for European Affairs - Representative to the European Union, EDF

Ms. Valérie Terranova has skill sets to understand different cultures thus different business practices. In addition, Valerie Terranova has bird’s eye view over both global and local issues,  which is a strong asset in both macro and micro problem solving.

I find it unusual to work with a person who has multi-skill sets yet well balanced and who understand good sense of humor.


Principal, Intercontinental Resources Ltd

Valérie Terranova’s ability to interact with governments and different levels of local and international administrations has been key for my company in closing deals with countries in crisis such as Mali. Valérie Terranova’s strategic vision as well as her remarkable international network are of great value for my company’s international development.


President, ARPA, equipments and militar carriers

Valérie Terranova is one of the few french experts who has in-depth understanding of the complex globalization dynamics, in their economic as well as their intercultural aspects. Her advices are wise and underpinned by ethics, which, combined to her outstanding high level international network, is an invaluable  and operational aid for taking decisions. 

Laurent Vigier

CEO, CDC International Capital


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